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Everyone has the question!!
How to speak English?
How to learn English grammar?

Now a days English is very common language. In modern world English speaking is very important. People think that English is very tough language but English is very easy language as Hindi. The only thing is that you have to do practice. Finding Home tutors for English Speaking is not an easy job. There are many classes for Spoken English in Indore.

Speak in English within 15 days

We promise that Trained Masters English Teacher and English Home Tutor makes you learn English language. You can start speaking in English within 2 weeks. We have design the course and practice session in a way that without learning English tenses and complete grammar you can start talking in English.
Do you know!! Small kid never learns English grammar and tenses but still learn and talk in English from childhood. The same way we designed the course and practice session.

English Language Home Tutors and Classes Vijay Nagar Indore
English Language Home Tutors and Classes Vijay Nagar Indore.

You know:

English reading, writing, and speaking is very important. Today using social media for example WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is very common so for using these media student or person should know English. A person can learn English in any age. You need to find the right English Home tutor or find English institute to start learning.

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Learn Spoken English

There are many problems in English speaking. Main problem is practice, for talking in English student have to do practice. As you all know practice makes men perfect. Some problem is of grammar. Student should know little grammar for talking in English. Reading and listening is not enough but practice what you hear. There are other difficulties during English speaking such as pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, confidence. You need to find someone who can listen you or talk with you.

Best research:

Other institute or coaching class focus on grammar for learning Spoken English. But we, Trained Masters have done a research that for talking in English, it is not compulsory that an individual should know grammar or spellings but for talking in English individual have to do practice, group discussion, pronunciation. Trained masters focus on communication, work on your pronunciation, expands your vocabulary and use idiomatic phrase, allows group discussions.


Daily English conversation topics for beginners:

Anyone can talk in English the only thing is practice. If an individual practices daily routine topic in English, then he/ she can talk in English. If a person communicates daily in English with their family member than they can talk in English with confidence.

Daily English conversation topics for beginners
English Language Home Tutors and Classes Vijay Nagar Indore.

Top Best list of English conversation topics for beginners:

  1. Talking about daily basis
  2. Communication in Market
  3. Speaking at railway or bus station
  4. Communication about kitchen
  5. Fluency when you meet someone
  6. Most common word
  7. Talking about weather
  8. Basic question phrase that we use in English
  9. Talking with your child
  10. Words that we use while talking over phone
  11. Talk about work and job
  12. How to talk about Health
  13. Discuss on your hobbies

1) Talking about daily basis: There are so many words that we use in daily life is pray, God, cooking, bathing, eating, utensils, breakfast, lunch, dinner, Sleeping, how was your day.

2) Communication in Market: Basic word that uses in market are grocery, supermarkets, shopping mall, shoe, restaurant, budget, credit card, receipt, return policy, refund, discount, buy one get one free, price, name brand etc.

3) Speaking at railway or bus station: Platform, waiting room, tickets office, luggage rack, first or second class, ticket inspectors, penalty fare, carriage, stopping service, ticket barrier, journey, crash, to catch a train, to get on the train, to miss a train are the word that we use at station.

4) Communication about kitchen: Basic kitchen word that an individual use in kitchen are baking, kitchen utensils, chop, vegetables name, grate, crush, knead, mix, peel, pour, bake, boil, fry, cook, fruits etc.

5) Fluency when you meet someone: common sentence or word when you meet your relatives or friends are how are you, what's going on at home, nice to meet you, thank you, come at home, how are your family members, I'm glad to see you etc.

6) Most common word:6) Common word we use are thank you, please, I am sorry. These are the common word which we use in our daily routine “please” is a polite, respectful add appreciate word which is uses when you are requesting. I am sorry “sorry” is a word that we use when you done such thing which you don’t want to do and you are feeling bad for that. “thank you “it is the word that you or we use when we are happy with someone work or someone who have done favor to you. Thank you very much, thanks a lot, thank you so much are commonly used word.

7) Talking about weather: when we talking about weather common sentence that we use are how is weather today, it's raining, it's hot today, cold, what is the temperature outside. Its windy today. It was raining in Vijay Nagar area last night.

8) Basic question phrase that we use in English: Important question word that we use in our daily life are what, which, how, when, who, where, why etc. For example, what is your name, which dress is good for me, how are you, when you will to the gym, where do you live.

9) Talking English fluently and confidently: English is very easy to talk. Before fluency individual should have confidence. If an individual has confidence that he/ she can speak in English than only individual can speak fluently. Fluency can be increased by communication and group discussion. Daily you can practice with someone.

10) Talking with your child: When your child start growing or start talking then you should talk in English with your child or tell simple words in English such as milk, sugar, good, hello, thank you, food, fruits name, vegetables name this way your child learns English talking from childhood and your fluency also become better.

11) Words that we use while talking over phone: Here are some telephone words that are uses when you call someone such as hold on, hang on, cut off, call back, pick up, speak up, I can't here you, sorry etc.

If you want to become good on above topics while talking in English, join Trained Masters.
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Spoken English level from beginner to fluent:

English Speaking level: As we all know that English speaking is very important and common. Many institute provide training of English spoken. English learning is divided in different level-

Learn English Speakig
Learn English Speaking without learning grammers even.

List of different levels of English Speaking:

  1. Beginner level
  2. Elementary level
  3. Intermediate level
  4. Pre- advanced level
  5. Advanced level
  6. Upper advanced level
  7. Proficiency or fluency level

1) Beginner level: Beginner is a person who is start to do something or learn something for the first time. At the beginner, low level an individual does not have any speaking or learning ability. At the beginning an individual did not know anything about English. You will only listen to the person but you will not understand the language. You respond with silence or in your native language. Communication is also limited. You may say only some few memorized words. During listening time, you do not have any functional ability. Your level increase slowly or day by day when you start learning or speaking English. During beginner, you have some limited speaking ability. You can speak or write simple words from learned phrase. You need more repetition, rewording and speaking in order to increase your fluency. Up To the beginner high level your speaking ability increased. You can provide simple information about yourself. Your vocabulary becoming good. When you listen to someone at that time you will understand little bit. You do many mistakes. You can understand simple question and the idea of basic topic. At this level, you need more repetition and practice.

Syllabus for beginner level:
GRAMMAR: Articles, Noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, determiners, conjunction, tenses, punctuation, voice, sentence, clauses, preposition, infinitive and the – ing form, uses of this, that, my, some, these, those, conditional and wishes, subject and objects, tag question etc.

DAILY ROUTINES WORD: Alphabet from A-Z, animals name, color name, day and date, greetings, numbers, family relations, season, time, weather, shopping, direction.

BASIC ENGLISH SPEAKING: Introduce yourself, Introduce people, Talking about favorite things, Talking about family, Number and counting, Simple sentence and question, Talking about future, and Describe any photo.

2) Elementary level: At this level, you can say and understand few words and sentences of English. You can understand frequently used sentence related to your daily routine for example basic personal information, employment, local geography. Communicate in simple words. You need routinely practice during this level.

3) Pre-intermediate level: At this point communication is difficult. You can provide general meaning of familiar words. Your English grammar and word order are not in proper order. You need more and more repetition. When you listening, someone sentence you should understand slowly. By the end of this level you can make conversation in English. Write and read simple written text. You can understand a grammar and vocabulary.

4) Low-Intermediate level: You can make simple sentence and understand little bit conversation. Your communication is little bit improve. Your grammar becoming good. At this level, you need writing and reading practice. A individual has to listen English videos, reading newspapers, listen English news to improve vocabulary.

5) Intermediate level: Now at this level you have to take part in routine conversation. An individual has to make notes on their daily routine, meeting, lecture, tv program in the evening and one time go through with the notes. In this way, your vocabulary improves. You can talk daily routine words with more comfortably. But you can't talk fluently. Now also some hesitation occurs while speaking or talking. You will make many grammatical mistakes while writing and speaking. Take out basic word or information from written topic. Now you can use basic tense in your language but some problems came using complex grammar and vocabulary.

6) Upper intermediate level At upper intermediate level, you can speak English with some difficulties. But difficulties came is complex talking. Your general grammar become accurate. You can talk on some social, basic situation only. Some difficulties come on putting right word in a sentence. You can write and read text such as essay, poetry, paragraph without any hesitation. At this level, your spoken English become more better. But your repetition should not be stop. More you repeat more your conversation become better. Up to intermediate level you can understand English very well, you can speak properly, read and write with confidence. An individual can give clear and detailed description on wide range of topics.

7) Pre- advanced level: Up to this level an Individual can speak and understand well. Confidence develop while talking to someone. You speak English without any hesitation. You can use proper sentence at proper place. Using grammar at different situation is also become good. You understand when to use present, past and future tense. Using vocabulary is good but sometimes inaccurate way. While you listen someone, you can easily understand their meaning. With more repetition, you can easily understand normal and simple English language.

8) Advanced level: You speak and understand well but some problems created with the uncommon words. You can talk easily in everyday life. You can take part in conversations on social events. You can speak and understand English easily at social places such as market, family events, society, school etc. You can easily understand difference in present, past, future tenses. Your spoken English becomes better. English vocabulary becomes strong. You can take part in lengthy discussion. Now you can easily read and write academic and professional documents. T.V serials, English news, newspapers, films are easily understandable by you. You can introduce yourself fluently without hesitation. You can clearly explain your sentence. Up to advanced level your spoken English language become very good. Your reading, writing, listening, speaking is almost become better.

9) Upper advanced level: At the upper advanced level, you can speak English fluently. Your communication becomes strong. Vocabulary and grammar are also become good. When you communicate with someone you can easily reply with full confidence. When listening, you can understand normal and native language. Up to advanced level an individual speaks, read and write English very easily and with full confidence. Even you can use complex language. But if you practice more than your fluency increases more and more confidence develop.

10) Proficiency or fluency level: Up to advance level an individual can speak and read English more properly. But doing more practice he/she speak fluently. Easily understand everything heard and read. You can talk summaries information also. You can express yourself very fluency without any hesitation. Fluency or fluent is the highest level in English skill or speaking. Fluency doesn't mean that you speak good but fluency means when you speak that is hard for native speaker to understand and it looks that English is not your language. While speaking fluency your accent may not be correct but no confusion or merriment occur among your listeners. You should engage in independent reading to develop your vocabulary further.


Tutor is a private teacher one who teach a single pupil, individual or a small group. As you know reading and speaking English is very important. Because now a days English is becoming a common language. You are in any field specially women whether you are a housewife or in any profession English speaking is very important. If you are in profession line than its ok but if you are a housewife than it is necessary that you know English speaking. Because English talking is necessary in child school, market, social life. If you don’t know who to talk in English than you will not feel ashamed or shy in front of someone. You can learn English in any age whenever you are having time. Sometimes a woman may not feel comfortable in learning English from male tutor. Trained masters provide female tutor for them according to their time and comfort. Sometimes a girl cannot go outside in night for learning especially English because of environment but we provide female teacher in night also. Housewives contact us for female tutor for learning English language. Housewife have many works to do at home so they are not having time to go coaching classes or English institute for spoken English. In such condition, female home tutor is the best option. They come according to your comfort. Trained masters provide 20 to 50% discount to each and every student if they join us in group of 4 students.

FAQ for Students on English Classes and English Home Tuition

1) Is there any eligibility for learning English from TM class.?
No, there is no eligibility. Anyone can learn English at any time. We provide both home tuition and coaching class for spoken English. Specially housewife who don't know how to talk in English can join us.

2) If I drop spoken English course, may I take class after some time or will my fees refund?
Yes, if you drop your course in between session because of some reason, you can join whenever you want from new session. And of course, your fee is also refunded.

3) How I will join your Trained Masters classes?
This is very simple to join us. Only send us enquiry through our website. We will call you back. Or contact us Trained Masters in Vijay Nagar in Indore.

4) Can I take my classes only on weekends?
Yes, of course it’s totally depends on you when you want to join us and when you want to take classes. Trained masters provide classes on weekends also.

5) Will I get a certificate at the end of my English session?
Yes, you will get a certificate of spoken English from our institute.

6) Will you provide English spoken classes in summer vacation?
Yes, trained masters provide classes whole year. Its depends on the parents and students when they want to take class.

Trained Masters in Indore provides spoken English class and our tutor basically focus on these topics. TM provide English tuition at affordable rate and give discount when 2-3 students come together. When students come in group than they get additional benefit of group discount.

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