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Teaching Job, Faculty requirement for Home Tutor, Coaching Institute

Tutoring (Teaching) is very growing field. Becoming a teacher is a dream of many people. Teaching job is a very reputed and successful job profile.

Teaching Job, Faculty requirement for Home Tutor, Coaching Institute
Teacher can apply for teaching jobs at Trained Masters!!

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In India, the teacher’s job profile is very respected one. Teacher is the only person who develop a child future. A teacher is a guide who guides to the students. It is easy to become a good Teacher/ Tutor.

Trained Masters in Indore provides the facility to become a successful teacher and also provide jobs to those who are keen to become the teacher or already a teacher and want to become more successful in this field.

In Fact:

More than 1000 total people joined us as Home Tutor and Tuition Teacher. There are many Male and Female home tutor in Indore to whom we are providing high paid tuition classes.

Teaching Job/ Tutor Job benefits with Trained Masters:

There are many benefits to become Trained Masters Home Tutor and Coaching Class Teacher in Indore Madhya Pradesh.

1) Free registration: Registration is free for teacher. When a tutor register for new teaching job then the tutors don't have to pay any fees. There are no charges for applying or for filling the application. After registration teacher starts taking class or ready for their jobs. Trained masters does not charge any money for any service. Tutor can also register online or send us email through our website.

2) Provide Home tuition class near to your home, office at your suitable time: Teaching Job can be done full time as well part time. We provide classes as per teacher’s convenient. TM Home Tutors take classes wherever they want near to the home, office at their suitable time. Tutor can take classes as a home tutor or as a coaching class. If a tutor has expert level teaching skill they can become famous and earn more money in their resident area.

3) Desire Pay: Trained masters give good payments to all the teachers more than the market rate. We pay from 2,000 to 8,000 for 2 to 6 hours according to the experience level. This can be done both Part time job and full time job as Tutor.

4) Value addition to profile and improve study habits: Teacher who have less experience or those who want to add more experience can join Trained Masters teaching job. Through teaching tutor can increase their knowledge too. For teaching a student teacher has to prepare themselves, preparing notes, books reference before taking class. This add more value to their knowledge.

5) Incentive & Bonus: Trained masters provide bonus to the tutor on the basis of their performance. When any parent give good feedback of any teacher than we give bonus to that teacher. Trained masters also give incentives or bonus on festival to each and every tutor.

6) Tutoring at your own promise: With Trained Masters, tutors can teach at their own promise. Teacher can take class in weekend or in evening time. It is totally depend on student and your availability. Teacher can take class as a part time job.

7) Opportunity to Talented Teacher: To become Trained Masters tutor an individual need not to be graduate or post graduate. A simple thing that you should be talented in any one of the field such as dancing, music, sports, painting, language skills, etc.

8) Training to Teachers: Trained masters provide training to the newly joined teacher from most experienced faculty. We also work to improve your skills and provide necessary training regularly.

9) High Paid Class to highly rated faculty: Trained masters always take teacher feedback from parents and students and on the basis of their feedback, we provide high paid classes to the highly-rated teacher first. Trained Masters take only 10% discount from student’s payment rest of the payment is of teacher.

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You can earn up 20,000 Rs or more in a month. We provide Teacher Training then Teaching job for fresher in Indore.

Amazing tips to become an excellent Teacher/ Tutor:

Tutoring is a very challenging task. Most of the people are good in knowledge while they need more improvement in teaching skill. They always think How to become a perfect teacher or best teacher.

Teaching a child or student is a teacher’s responsibility. If you are a teacher than its your responsibility that your student should know everything and he/ she is brilliant in that subject. As we know that each and every student is different and same technique doesn't apply on each student. Not only teaching is tutor’s task. But those who give training, practice or help to learn in different fields such as music, dancing, painting, sports etc. is also a teacher job.

You will be a good tutor when you give them directions to admire their goal, when a student achieves their dreams and when they become successful in their life. There are following tips to become a successful or excellent tutor.

1) Explanation Power: As a teacher, what you taught to the students should be clear to them. Prepare well before taking class. Teacher should explain in a way that student can remember the whole concept/ topic. If you expect that the student should achieve good marks in subject, then it is your duty that the student should get improvement in their subject.

2) Good and 2-way Communication: A tutor should have the nature that the student should not hesitate in asking doubts. You should motivate and share your own experience of success and failure and how you got success on the failure.
Communication is the most important thing between teacher and students. Encourage students to communicate. Some students are very shy and they feel ashamed in asking doubts but if you have good communication with the student than the student ask the doubts.

3) Honest and flexible: As a tutor, you should be honest in your profession. This help you to develop support and trust from student. In each profession flexibility is important. Your study technique and approach should meet the studying style of the student. Your study technique should be simple and flexible to the student.

4) Learning process: Teaching or learning process is the only task in tutoring field. As a tutor, you goal is only one that who your student should become an independent learner and get best result.

5) Teacher should know what student already know When you meet first time with the student you should came to know that what all things the student already knows, in this way you don't waste your time in session. Ask the student in which subject they are good. You should point out weakness of the student.

6) Take session in a good mood: Always remember one thing that during study time, you should be in a good mood or in fresh mind. If you seem to be tired or low energy than the students are not at all interested in your class/ lecture.

7) Evaluate the Student Progress By using different evaluation method teacher can track the student progress daily. Make a chart or sheet through which you and your student should know the progress. The chart may include test marks, student grades, your effort towards the student, your understanding etc. TM tutor uses world’s best evaluation method for monitoring student progress.

8) Communicate with parents: Parents- Teacher relationship also matter during child study. Communication with parents is more important for younger children. Through parents only you came to know how the child is studying at home. Only parents decide whether you are suitable for their child or not. Teacher should set up a regular meeting with parents.

9) Good listener and Professional: As you are in teaching field so it is very important that you should be a good listener. First of all, listen to the problem of students than try to solve. Don't get anger without knowing the problem. In this way student can clarify their doubt.

10) Give individual attention: If you are a home tutor than its ok you will always give individual attention but if you are taking coaching class than it is necessary that you should pay individual attention to each student so that every student feel comfortable.

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In today's world teaching is a very simple job. There are many tuition agencies, tutoring websites which offer the teaching jobs. Most of the people looking to become a tutor.

There are some education and skill criteria to become a tutor or get a teaching job in Indore. Anyone can become a teacher the only thing is individual should have some knowledge. To become a teacher, you don't need any official degree but you should be graduate or post graduate.

Teaching in school or coaching class is different from teaching as home tutor. In school or coaching classroom, you have to pay attention on group of students but in one to one tutoring you have to provide academic instructions to a single individual. The high demanding subject are Math, Science, English.

If you have talent in some other fields such as sports, painting, music, dance, foreign language, then you can also become a teacher in that field.

Basic Criteria to become a Private Tutor or Coaching Class Teacher:

1) Get Degree: To become a teacher you should have 12th school mark sheets. You need higher class degree/ diploma certificate. Your degree allows you to join a school, college and on the basis of your degree any institute choose you to become subject experts.

2) Tutor Training and Experience: Training and experience matters in each field. You are educated but you don't know how to teach or control a classroom. Having the experience add value addition to teaching profile and can get part time or full time teaching job.
For this purpose, many training institute are available which give training to the teacher. Trained masters also provide training to the teachers.

3) Tutor Certificate: Sometime teaching on higher level or for government job an individual should need certificate. B.Ed. and D.Ed. exam held for getting teacher certificate. Government provide jobs on the basis of B.Ed. and D.Ed. degree. Government give job to new cameras as a samvida teacher.

4) Register to Tutoring companies: After education or getting certificate an individual can register as teacher with an education institute. For registration, a tutor has to visit tutoring website online or contact tutoring companies. If you are interested in Home Tuition then you can register as Home Tutor, Private Tutor, 1-On-1 Tutoring, etc. Women can register as Female tutor. You can also register as faculty for center class.

5) Document submission: Specially Trained Masters ask for ID proof, Address Proof, Highest Degree certificate, Resume. Once we verify the document your profile get enable for classes.

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Teaching are of many types. According to qualification a teacher can teach a student. It includes lower class, middle class, higher class, college level, competitive level, language teacher etc.

These are of following type:

1) Kindergarten level: This is the starting level of child education. Specially from nursery to first. In this level a teacher have to manage a student. Teaching at this level is not important. Children are very small during this period. They don't understand education meaning. A teacher has to teach on coming at their level with little playing, little teaching. You have to teach in a way that the child attracts towards the study. A teacher who passed 12th class can teach this level of students.

2) Lower standard: This level is from Class 1st to class 5th. This level is base of the student education. A child come to know about education, about study. At this level teachers have to give more attention to the student improvement. Tutor have to understand the small problem of the student.

3) Middle standard: Middle standard lies between Class 5th to Class 10th. At this level a child understand the importance of education. A student attracts towards study. A teacher has to teach small-2 things to student. At this level student came to know about books, environment and education in reality. A teacher has to teach each and every topic of the book such as:
In English- grammar, article, noun, English Speaking, etc.
In math- addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.
In science- atmosphere, environment, nature etc.

4) Higher standard: Higher standards lies between 11th to 12th. Up to this point a student is well developed. A student is able to take decisions. But as its teacher’s duty to help the student for their future. Provide the future guidance that which subject is good for them, in which subject future scope is more.
Because this is peak point on which a student future depends. In 11th standard a student has to choose a subject (Mathematics, Biology, Arts and Commerce, etc.) for further study.
At this level, only a tutor who is subject expert can teach the student because study of higher standard is tough. A mathematics expert can teach math subject only.

5) College study: Studying in college is totally different from studying in school. For teaching in college an individual should be high quality professor/ lecturer. To become a lecturer, you have to pass national eligibility exam. For teaching college students, a lecturer has to go through the notes. A lecturer has to teach full topic through notes. Because there is more syllabus to teach. College classes are B.Sc., B.Com, B.A, M.Sc., M.Com, B.E, BCA etc.

6) Competitive exam: Today after passing 12th exam student is looking for competitive exams. Because after passing competitive exam student will get job in government field, they get admission in good colleges, such as after passing JEE student get admission in engineering college, after passing banking exam they get job in bank.
The teacher should have expert level knowledge for teaching the competitive exam students. Competitive exams are PMT, PET, AIEEE, IITJEE, CAT, BANK CLERK, BANK PO, GMAT.

7) Language Teaching Speaking any language is also a talent. In modern world speaking English is very common. If an individual know how to teach English Grammar, Spoken English can become language expert. The knowledge of any other language such as French, German etc can take classes for those as well.
Join Trained Masters in Indore for teaching spoken English and other language.

8) Sports or games classes: Sports Training is also a kind of teaching or a job. Each and every student is not interested in study. Some student having interest in playing games. But they are not experts in playing. So for making them experts or increasing their talent many sports training center are available. If an individual has skill to trained such student for game then they can join such institute.

9) Hobby (Music, Dance, Painting): These are also a part of art. An artist can do all these things. Some students are having interest in music, dance, and painting. A person can teach all these arts to the students and provide special training. If an individual has interest in training to the student, they will join Trained Masters Education System in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

10) Online Classes: In modern world, a teacher can teach through online. A student can take tuition at home through computer no need of going coaching center or take a home tuition. Online classes are also known as distance classes or distant learning. It is direct way of learning consist of educational information (article, videos, audio) and communication (message). Online classes are internet based classes. Online class is an education process where both student and teacher are at different places. This is biggest change from traditional learning. You can Apply for online tutoring job to Trained Masters.

11) Computer Training: In modern world, computer knowledge is very important because now a day computer is being used in every field. A teacher can give training to the students if they know computer very well. A computer learning includes MS Office, Tally, C, C++, ASP.Net, JAVA, Data structure. A teacher can join computer institute to teach computer. Today students are doing DCA, PGDCA for getting computer certificate. Many courses are available based on computer such as BCA, MCA, etc.

12) Campus and Interview preparation: A student should know how to give interviews in companies or in front of someone. A teacher can help a student in their interviews or placement program. They enhance teaching, mentoring, practical. They should improve the confidence of the students.


1) How to become Trained Masters teacher or Home Tutor? It is very easy to become a Tutor or Teacher at Trained Masters teacher. Just fill teacher registration form online at Trained Masters website or visit TM office at 9/9 Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

2) What are the requirements to become a teacher in Trained Masters? There is no special requirement to become a teacher or home tutor. The basic need is that you should teaching skill and qualification. If you have experience other than class/ subject like lot of fields are there to teach at trained masters such as music, dance, painting, yoga classes etc.

3) Tutoring job at Trained Masters is full time or part time job? You can join the teaching job as Full time or Part. It is not compulsory for teacher to do full time. It's totally depends on you when you want to take class as per your availability and students requirement. You can teach in weekend and evening hours also.

4) What Trained Masters earn from teacher or home tutor? Trained masters provide coaching classes to the teachers or home tuitions to the tutor. We take only 5-15% from teacher or tutor. We manage everything for student/ family and teacher to complete a class.

5) Which type of classes does Trained Masters provide? Trained masters provide all type of classes coaching class, home tuition, online class, computer class, hobby class, interviews and training classes. It's totally depend on you which type of class you want to take. Fees of different classes are different. Fees structure depends on area, according to class and students need.

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