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Attend the Teacher/ Tutor Training course and certificate in Indore

Join Teacher Training Programm at TM Class in Indore and get 100% job oppertunities in Teaching profile
We, Trained Masters have the aim to improve faculties aptitude, technical knowledge base in a particular field along with to improve the career opportunities. You will have the advantage of a whole teacher to yourself, with their lesson plans and strategies of teaching designed just for you! It seems impossible to doubt the enormous benefits this Training will offer you. In the current world of education competition, the demand for trained and expert Teacher is on the rise. Education Institute restructuring required the training and we came us with special training programs.
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Teacher Training Course Curriculum - Audio, Video, Quiz

1. Way of Educational Training
"- Learning new trend, Application/ Practical, Future Scope"
2. Way of Behavior Training
"- Control students, engage students, Communication outside the class"
3. Technical Training
"- Computer, Projector, Sound System, PPT, Email "
4. Student Evaluation Training
"- Daily progress, Test Paper, Main Examination, Quizzes, Games"
5. Online Classes Training
6. Practical Exercise
7. Exam & Certificate
"- Pre Certificate exam preparation, Mock test "

Benefits of Teacher Training & Certificate

1. Required Training to Teaching profile
2. Sharpen your skills
3. Value Addition to profile
4. Value of Certificate
5. Job opportunities in different Institute
- School, College, Home Tuition, Online Class, Coaching class
6. Free Registration in other program of TM